Meet the Phoenix Flight Studio Team

Phoenix Flight Studio classes are taught by a team of passionate & well qualified instructors. We all love what we do & believe that pole and aerial classes are more than just a workout! We keep classes small, so you will get plenty of individual attention and get to know your instructors & classmates well! Our focus is always to give you the best experience in a safe and injury free environment. We all have experienced the many benefits of pole and aerial including feeling strong and empowered. Let us show you that too.


Charisma Blue

Owner / Instructor

Charisma recently acquired Phoenix Flight Studio in 2017 from its previous owner Jen Cichon who started the studio in 2010.

Charisma fell in love with pole dancing as an alternative way of getting fit. She was getting bored with her current workout and turned to pole dancing as a way to break free of the monotony. She was instantly hooked with her first class at Phoenix Flight Studio in 2011 and has been pole dancing ever since. After taking a year and a half break to have a baby, she turned back to her passion of pole dancing to get back in shape and to have some “Mommy Me Time”. Taking her passion for pole to the next level, Charisma became a certified pole instructor in early 2016 and found a new reason to love pole. She loves to see her students succeed and to provide the encouragement to try something new and different. Charisma was a dancer and theater background and applies her theatrical flair to all of her performances and routines. Recently, she took home 2nd place at the Central Pole Competition in 2017 for her Level 2 Dramatic Division performance and 3rd place at the MN Pole Competition in 2015 for her Novice Level Artistic Division performance. She was also a certified Sports Massage Therapist in 2008 and applies the self-care principles to her training and teaching style.


Dakota Wolfe

Co-Owner, Pole Instructor, and Resident Heels Expert

Dakota has been teaching pole dancing for five years and dancing for seven years. Her signature style is classic pole with a show of amazing flexibility, graceful flow, and awe inspiring drops. You can find her performing several times a year at multiple aerial and variety shows in the Twin Cities as a solo or part of Cirque du Pole performing group.

Most recently, Dakota took home the gold at Central Pole Competition in 2017 in the Doubles Division and placed second at the Pole Princess Competition in 2015.



Pole Instructor & Instructor Trainer

Misty has been a fitness instructor for over 15 year & has dedicated her life to health, healing, & fitness.

She is a NETA certified group fitness instructor, certified Spinning instructor, and certified clinical Pilates instructor. Misty is a performing arts physical therapist, with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, a master’s in physiotherapy, & a doctorate in hand & upper extremity therapy, and has comprehensive mat & equipment Pilates certification. Misty offers teacher training through Vertical Art Athletics. She is the ’09 North Star “Miss Fitness” winner, & currently performs with the group “Cirque du Pôle”.



Pole Instructor

Laura stumbled upon pole dancing when classes were offered at her yoga studio. As soon as she started dancing, she was hooked! After training hard for three years at Phoenix Flight Studio, life intervened and she had to step away from coming to class, but continued to pole at home with her own pole. Life eventually calmed down and after taking several instructor training courses through Pole Art Athletics, she was finally able to realize her dream of becoming a Pole Fitness Instructor! She loves helping students discover how fun fitness can be through pole dancing.

  • Third Place – Minnesota Pole Competition Intermediate Entertainment 2019



Co-Owner, Pole and Fitness Instructor

Tasha has been poling since October 2015 and started teaching March of 2017. She is dedicated to learning and getting stronger so she can continue to grow in strength and agility and to help guide her students in their pole journey. She competed in 2016 at the Minnesota Pole Competition and recently tied for third place in the Level 2 Dramatic Division at the Central Pole Competition in 2017. When she is not at pole class, she is an avid cosplay costume designer and attends conventions across the country. She is also a self-proclaimed Cat Lady and the proud parent of Pumpkin and Vader.



Pole and Lyra Instructor

Jenn started aerial on lyra in 2015. She quickly fell in love with this new and challenging way to move and appreciate her body. She has since trained on silks, trapeze and pole. Every apparatus presented different challenges and helped her grow her understanding of movement and the human body. She studied under many aerialist around the Twin Cities in the years to come.

She brought that new found love of movement and started teaching in 2017. She strives to find ways to help all of her students feel accomplished and proud of their bodies.



Pole Instructor

Karin is a home-grown pole talent, having started her own pole journey as an intro student in August 2018. She fell in love with seeing exactly what she was capable of and has been a fanatic ever since. She is especially enthusiastic about encouraging others to try pole to see if it is right for them, and loves working with beginners. Her personal style evolved from a passion for the sexy side of pole which manifested in a 3rd place finish at the 2020 Minnesota Pole Competition in the Advanced Exotic category.



Pole Instructor

Lindsey is one of our passionate instructors with an approach to honor freestyle majority of the time! She has been a student at Knockout for five years! Despite life interruptions such as major abdominal surgery, traveling, school, and work- her love for pole has remained strong! She is a Social Work student and has many years of working in Human Services. This contributes to her inclusive, communicative, and approachable demeanor as an instructor. You won’t be leaving her class without a good laugh, a new song, or a smile! In addition to her employment, dance background, and education, she’s also completing her Yoga Teacher Certification and she is Reiki attuned. “Mind, body, and spirit fuel my creativity- in both my personal practice and group instruction. Let’s submerge our entire self into movement, TOGETHER.” Interested in a reiki session with her? Email her at to schedule your session.


Pistol Prudence

Lyra Instructor

Pistol Prudence is a Minneapolis based burlesque and aerial artist. A dancer most of her life, she began training aerial as an adult. Pistol is experienced in teaching dance, burlesque and Lyra and has a love of helping others realize their individual strengths through exploration. She’s been performing professionally over the last several years and is excited to join the PF team!  


Elisabeth Gress

Pole and Ballet Instructor

Elisabeth has been dancing in some form for the majority of her life, including extensive training in ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap. She found pole and aerial arts in June 2017 and started instructing with Phoenix Flight Studio in Winter 2018. Elisabeth holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is a current instructor with Vertical Arts Athletics. She enjoys helping her clients and students have the most successful, safe and fun experiences in all movement forms.


  • Vertical Art Athletics Foundations
  • Vertical Art Athletics Pole Mobility


  • 1st place PSO Chicago 2018 Level 2 Dramatic Junior
  • 1st place PSO Gateway 2018 Level 3 Entertainment Junior/Senior
  • 1st place MNPC/LOL 2019 Advanced Performance Theater
  • 1st place MNPC/LOL 2019 Doubles
  • 2nd place PSO Triangle 2019 Floorwork/Low Flow Level 2/3 Junior/Senior
  • 3rd place PSO Triangle 2019 Doubles
  • 1st place PSO Chicago 2019 Level 4 Entertainment Senior
  • 1st place PSO Space City 2019 Doubles
  • 1st place PSO Space City 2019 Level 4 Entertainment Senior


Steven Elijah

Pole Instructor

(pronouns: he/him/his)

Steven will be celebrating his 5 year pole-aversary in June 2019! They have been an independent pole performer and entertainer around the Twin Cities and MN since winter 2014. Steven has been a member of various local performance troupes, and currently is a member of The Vigilantease Collective. Since spring 2016, they have been instructing pole students from brand new to advanced levels, and making group pole choreography. He is a Certified Shiatsu and Massage Therapist, and had their own bodywork practice 2013-2017. Steven has a background in movement arts such as gymnastics, modern dance, contact improvisation, and Wu Chien Pai martial arts. Pole dance has helped Steven embrace sensuality and assertiveness, and move towards being and becoming their most authentic self. Witnessing people play and heal through somatic practices such as dance gives them life.


-2016 MN Pole Competition, 1st Place, Men’s Division

-2018 MN Pole Competition, 1st Place, Men’s Division

-2019 MN Pole Competition, 1st Place, Elite Artistic Division


-2014 Shiatsu and Massage Therapist Certification from CenterPoint Shiastu and Massage Therapy School

-2017 Pole-ates Foundations Course from Vertical Art Athletics


Angela Rose

Pole Instructor

Angela Rose (@angelawildrose, she/her) is a St. Paul native with a passion for performance. She stumbled upon pole through a Groupon in May of 2014 and was immediately hooked! Upon starting out, she was drawn to the gymnastic like athleticism that it required and was a heavy trickster, but soon after discovered the sensual side and really fell in love with the mind, body, spirit connection it invoked! Angela spent many years gracing the stages of strip clubs and performing at local and private events throughout San Diego. She now teaches weekly pole and sensual movement classes with a focus on fluidity, quality of movement, and sustainability of the body.⁠


Seebie Sparklehaus

Lyra Instructor

Seebie Sparklehaus (they/them), have trained lyra in private and semi-private lessons with many local instructors, including Lynn Lunny, Kristen Zyra, Cheryl Birch, and whoever is passing through! They are committed to ongoing training and study from science-based materials published by Jen Crane (cirque_physio), Catie Bier (physioflex), and Emily Scherb (thecircusdoc) to keep up our ongoing learning. Seebie did lyra teacher training with T Lawrence Simon, previously at NECCA and currently in Boston at the Commonwealth Circus Center.

Working with Jane Grey, they have developed a dynamic curriculum in fundamentals, skills, and artistry. They feel strongly about instilling all students with excellent training habits and empowering everyone to safely explore artistry and expression.


Brandy Jane Grey

Lyra and Trapeze Instructor

Brandy Jane Grey (she/her) has trained lyra in private and semi-private lessons with many local instructors, including Lynn Lunny, Kristen Zyra, Cheryl Birch, and whoever is passing through! Together with Seebie Sparklehaus, they are committed to ongoing training and study from science-based materials published by Jen Crane (cirque_physio), Catie Bier (physioflex), and Emily Scherb (thecircusdoc) to keep up our ongoing learning.

Brandy did her lyra teacher training with Paper Doll Militia in the Born to Fly program.




Aerial Sling Instructor

Abbey Eff

Pole Instructor

Abbey started pole dancing in early 2012 after receiving her BFA in Illustration & Design from MCAD. Her pole dancing journey started with a Groupon. Something fun to try. Little did she know that walking into that pole studio that first day would change the rest of her life. She has explored the sporty side of pole, the theatrical, & the sexy. Pole has brought her an immense sense of confidence, self-love, & strength & another source to express her creative side. She has re-discovered her sensuality through pole & floorwork & loves helping others discover the same.

Abbey loves to share her knowledge and the beauty that pole has given to her. She has been instructing pole since 2014. She loves teaching low flow sexy & badass choreo & floorwork but always has a love for helping people grow their pole trick skills on the pole. She has performed, competed & danced in clubs in the US, Australia & New Zealand.


Instagram // @the.raddest.abbey

Titles & Accomplishments:

  • 2021 Dance Filthy USA Professional Champion
  • 2019 Dance Filthy USA Professional 3rd Place
  • 2019 Performed on stage with Snoop Dogg at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • 2018 Dance Filthy Australia Professional Champion
  • 2017 Pole Sport Organization – Gateway – Level 5 Artistic – 3rd Place
  • 2016 Australian Arnold Classic Open – 2nd Place
  • 2015 Pole Sport Organization – CPC – Pro Championship – 2nd Place
  • 2015 Minnesota Pole Competition – Elite – 1st Place



Pole and Fitness Instructor

Anney (@calamityanney, she/they) has been pole dancing on and off since 2012, and placed second in the Central Pole Competition doubles division in 2017. She has a background in creative arts and loves to bring creativity and silliness into her performance on the pole. ⁠

Off the pole Anney works as a mental health therapist and professor. She loves spending time with people she cares about (including her pups), roller skating, doing puzzles, and eating good food.⁠


La Petit Mort

Lyra Instructor

Le Petit Mort (they/them) took flight in early sobriety (2014) by way of single point trapeze and aerial silks in Boulder at Frequent Flyers. They kept chasing the high at Aerial Cirque Over Denver before returning to the land of ten thousand lakes in 2016. Mort danced from Lyra (gratitude to Seebie, Lisa, Cheryl) to hammock (gratitude to CoCo) to rope (gratitude to Lisa and Alissa) and back, anchoring with Lyra, playing elsewhere when they find more time. They train handstands with Lynn when they can, for that seamless head to toe balance. A poet with little movement background, Mort loves spinning magic with students, building strength and trust in their bodies, all while cultivating the wisdom of how to keep each other safe in the air and in our hearts. They performed duo for Queer Circus in 2021 and look forward to many more collaborations in community.

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Professionally Trained Instructors

All our instructors have been trained by Vertical Art Athletics, recognized by the Pole Safe Federation! We offer Pole Tricks, Pole Dance, Aerial Tricks, and most importantly, Fitness classes to help advance your pole and aerial training in a safe and very effective manner. Check out our classes today!

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